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I shopped around and received 3 estimates for the work and after comparing price, customer reviews, and the level of care given to the processes of providing me with an estimate I decided to go with Attic Insulation by LABS. Eran gave me a fair price, was able to work with my scheduled to find a time that worked for both of us to get the work completed, and never let me down with his commitment to great customer service. The work was completed in 1 and a half days. Despite a full day of steady rain and their supplier being unable to deliver the materials as planned due to the rain, Eran and Moses made adjustments, sent a couple people in their crew to pick up the materials and kept up their end of the agreement and got everything done as scheduled. I really appreciated that there was always one or the other at the job site with their crew – I think that’s a perk of going with a smaller company; more personal care can be given to the project by the business owners.  I opted to have them do a full restoration which included cleaning out all the trash, vacuuming out small debris, sanitizing the floors, air sealing, 38R batt insulation, and a thermal barrier. They also had a trapping company come out to take care of any rodents that were able to hide during the process. I can tell a difference already with the a more consistent temperature around the house, my heating system is working better (they found that one of the vents wasn’t properly attached when they were doing the air sealing…I had part of my heating/cooling going into the attic instead of the bedroom) and turning on less frequently and I don’t hear the rattles and the sound of the furnace like I use to. I’m looking forward to comparing my heating/cooling bills with past years. After they were done, I received a couple of calls checking in to make sure I was happy with the work they had done and I actually did find one thing I wanted them to make an adjustment to. My attic has some decorative windows and I noticed that i could see the pink insulation in one area – I let them know and Eran came out himself to take care of it. My experience with this company is that they are clean, do quality work with quality products, and they stick with their time commitment. I teach high school as my full time job but I also manage a duplex and a multi-family home that has multiple apartments in it. I’ve had many experience with workmen over the years and I can say without hesitation that Attic Insulation by LABS did a great job – I would recommend them without hesitation!
Long pants Reg. Price Caution: Avoid covering recessed lighting or any other heat-generating fixtures when installing insulation in an attic. See the adjoining photograph for the proper method of holding insulation back from these fixtures.
How to Find Out if You Have Enough Ins… They were great to work with, very well priced, and got the job done right and in a very timely manner. They came and filled my attic with insulation in about an hour probably less!!
Shop vacuum Accessibility Information Spray foam: This is the most energy-efficient form of attic insulation because it swells to fill the holes where it is sprayed into, creating air-tight seals that last longer than other insulations.
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Knauf Insulation R-38 Kraft Faced Fiberglass Insulation Batt 16 in. W x 48 in. L
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Some contractors are partners, who will help you overcome problems to meet your goals. Other contractors are like tools, who can be used effectively but won’t stop you from making mistakes. If you know how to use a tool for insulating, Green Attic will do good work; if not, make sure to keep an eye on what’s happening and what can go wrong.
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There are programs provided by the electric and gas companies, as well as the Government… Continue reading “How It Works” » How can I stop drafts?
I’m impressed!!! About the Author Some homeowners may have access to rebates from their local utility provider if they choose to install insulation due to its energy efficiency. Some areas can give up to $0.15 per square foot in rebates while others offer a flat-rate. Check out the finance offers that Mountainwest Service Experts Heating & Air Conditioning provides, making attic insulation replacement affordable for anyone.
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Shower Doors Territory Contact DIRECT ENERGY SERVICES Prevent moisture problems. Some houses have water pipes in the attic. Hot water running through a pipe in a cold attic space can cause condensation on the pipe, which will drip onto the insulation or attic framing. To remedy this, wrap the plumbing with foam pipe sleeves. Typically, they just slide over the pipe and can be cut to length with a utility knife.
Entertainment THERMAL WEST INDUSTRIAL INC (31) Use a screwdriver or putty knife to push small pieces of unfaced insulation into gaps, such as those around windows and doors. To avoid bowing window or door frames, don’t overfill around these areas with insulation or expanding foam.
Posts & Columns Website AttiCat™ Blown-in Attic Insulation can cover an entire attic in less than 1.5 hours. By design, the blown-in insulation fills hard to reach nooks and crannies which will provide complete coverage around pipes, wires and outlets.
Owens Corning R-38 Kraft Faced Fiberglass Insulation Batt 16 in. x 48 in. (8-Bags)
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Officers and Board I’ve just had my rental property in Los Feliz done by Attic Insulation Labs. Moses and his crew are super customer service oriented, very friendly and highly professional. My attic was cleaned, sanitized and I’ve had new insulation installed. All in one day of work and up to my high expectations. Great work!
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Address Signs, Plaques, Letters & Numbers Homepage Footer last menu With years of experience, our product consultants will work with you hand in hand to provide you peace of mind and clarity for your installation project.
Loose-fitting, long-sleeved shirt Partiesvisit|Living-Parties|navigation-www|3 By appointment only Blown-In: This process is ideal for loose-fitting forms of attic insulation because it blows the material to seal small crevices, halting air leakage and moisture to decrease mold or odor build-up. It is used for cellulose and mineral wool insulation materials.
Internship (8) $90372 /pallet(unit load) Are you tired of chilly floors in the winter? Is your basement too cold or too moist at certain times of the year? Is it costing you too much money to heat your home in the winter? Do you have a crawl space that’s damp, dirty and moldy? Installing the right kind of insulation can solve these problems.
Green Building Advisor Plans & Products (82) A properly insulated attic is a key element of your home’s “thermal envelope”—the barrier between the heated and cooled interior and the outside. If the thermal envelope is inadequate, you’re wasting energy on heating and cooling, which can equal over half your home’s energy costs. Adding proper insulation could save you 20% on your energy bills.
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Before Beginning Work $199.25 773-575-5734 Proper Insulation Saves Money and Energy Packaged insulation is highly compressed and expands greatly when the wrapper is opened
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Provo Location What are your thoughts on the Attic Tent and how much does it really help at saving on heating and cooling cost? I live in Louisiana and purchasing a townhouse with attic stairs.
Highly heat insulative Create barriers around heater flues to prevent a fire hazard. Run a bead of high-temperature caulk around the flue, then press two pieces of sheet metal into the caulk to surround the flue. Staple them to the joists.
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Shoe Racks, Trees & Shelves Some pros prefer it to utility knives because the large blade easily slices through the thick material. Use a piece of plywood as a cutting surface, and stand on a scrap 24 as a straightedge to guide your cuts.
Homes that have batt insulation already, but not enough, can combine loose-fill insulation atop the existing insulation to increase the insulation’s R-value. The batts in place must have the insulation side up without paper or foil facing for this to work. Add blown-in insulation over the top of the existing insulation until the required depth to reach the needed R-value. The best insulation for your attic is the product that gives you the R-value needed as determined by your climate. The majority of homes in California, for example, require R-38 insulation in the attic, but this varies from R-30 to as high as R-49 for some areas of the state.
Q&A Forums Popular Pages Cold Storage Homeowner Testimonials If your house doesn’t already have a layer of insulation between the joists, you’ll need to install one before adding a layer over the joists. Starting in a corner away from the attic hatch, fit the roll insulation between the joists, with the facing against the drywall. Make sure it’s tucked into the tight spaces where the rafters meet the ceiling joists. As you’re working, be careful not to compress the rolls, fiberglass becomes less effective when it’s compressed. Use a straight edge and utility knife to cut the rolls as needed.
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