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Another advantage is that 1 inch of foam insulating material will provide R-7 value levels, which means that you can save a bit of money because you will not need as much bat or blown insulating material on top of that. Our best estimate for combining spray foam cost and blown types is that it will be coming in at $2,000 for both given a 1,000 square foot attic space. But savings from a proper attic project can be very significant whether you are heating or cooling your house.
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Check your local building code for R-value recommendations and any vapor barrier requirements that apply to your area. “When you’re prepping the attic, use a broom handle or stick to push the existing insulation out to the edges. Then when you blow in the cellulose, make sure you do a good job of getting it way over to the eaves with the hose.”
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Inspecting Added Blown Insulation in an Existing Vented Attic Applications are subject to verification. If the verification cannot be completed, the rebate will not be paid.
Jump to Remove any items stored in the attic. Open-cell attic spray foam insulation is the least common type found in homes. They are less dense than their closed-cell counterparts, and have lower heat flow resistance (also known as R-Value) as well. Open-cell attic spray foam insulation has a similar application to closed-cell; however, they expand once applied, making them perfect insulation for hard to reach spaces, cavities, and nooks.
Watch Again Electrical and Gas Safety $380 ~ $1,379 See All Recent Investments Existing insulation greater than R19 and not exceeding R30 (and ending at R49) is eligible for a rebate of $0.30 per square foot, up to $400.
Free insulation inspections & estimates View Map Community Listing Special Order $27438 Those are some serious advantages in the favor of cellulose! When I insulated my house, I had no agenda other than to get the most bang for my buck in terms of insulating power and use the most eco-friendly product. Cellulose meets both of those requirements.
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There can be many advantages to using a wood burning fireplace. Among other things, it can save money on heating costs and supplement your main source of heat.
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Learn About The Rebate Programs Another nice aspect of this is that you can leave the rest of your attic unchanged. Because it’s open, the fiberglass or cellulose has plenty of air to dry it out. Now, however, that air doesn’t get into your living space and doesn’t cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars a year in utility bills.
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See All Efficiency Savings for Your Business Use a screwdriver or putty knife to push small pieces of unfaced insulation into gaps, such as those around windows and doors. To avoid bowing window or door frames, don’t overfill around these areas with insulation or expanding foam.
Comparing Insulation Types You Save: $0.50 After Mail-In Rebate More Information blank View Orders If you’re a home inspector, I recommend you add a glass suction cup to your tool list. This is a great little tool to keep in the tool bag.
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Blown-in Cellulose        Architect © 2013 Brownsville PUB After the evaluation, make sure your attic is air sealed — meaning eliminating any holes, cracks or other gaps that can allow air transfer between the inside and the outside. This will help maintain the desired temperature.
HVAC Costs Receive exclusive offers and money-saving emails. Check your local building code for R-value recommendations and any vapor barrier requirements that apply to your area.
Step 2: Measure Approved to withstand hail and hurricane force winds. To help make your insulation choices more affordable, there are many opportunities to save with rebates and immediate cost reductions on insulation improvements.

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Insulation Contractor in Utah More is better. Insulation levels are specified by the R-value, a measure of the insulation’s ability to resist heat passing through it. The higher the R-value, the better the insulating performance.
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DesignMine The Twins Beat Logan Home Energy Services’ technicians have the knowledge to install a variety of insulation materials, including cellulose, blown-in, and spray foam. If your home is cold or drafty, we can provide you with a quality insulation solutions that saves you energy and creates a warmer space.
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