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Windows is where houses lose most of their heat. Double glazing has been very common for many decades and is certainly a huge improvement on single glazing. However, these days you can get triple glazing which reduces heat exchange between the inside and outside of a building.
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April 2014 Net Metering Bill Breakdown This is ultimately the best way of improving your home’s overall energy efficiency. Not only does our insulation keep your home warm during the winter, it also helps keep it cool during the summer. Fiberglass insulation reduces heating and cooling costs and greenhouse emissions, results in no condensation on the walls or ceiling, and improves your comfort year-round.
If your house doesn’t already have a layer of insulation between the joists, you’ll need to install one before adding a layer over the joists. Starting in a corner away from the attic hatch, fit the roll insulation between the joists, with the facing against the drywall. Make sure it’s tucked into the tight spaces where the rafters meet the ceiling joists. As you’re working, be careful not to compress the rolls, fiberglass becomes less effective when it’s compressed. Use a straight edge and utility knife to cut the rolls as needed.
Click here to check Order Status. After cleaning out the debris, before the new insulation was installed. Geothermal Heat Pump As effective as double-paned windows.
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© 2018 J.R. Bolton Services. I am a woman who has to fix her house on a shoe-string budget, so I do a lot of that myself. After researching about do-it-yourself spray foam on the internet, I found the Green Foam most convincing due to the videos that made it simple to understand the whole process. It gave me the confidence to try it out and I placed an order. I had to insulate some attic space, sealing in pot light boxes and especially the perimeter of the space and tight niches, where the pink insulation never completely covers. I was a little skeptical at first about the sprayfoam’s ease of use — but, as you advertised, it worked like a charm.
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Available Products I called this company to come over and give me an estimate to replace the attic insulation and to check the ducts at the same time. Moses sent Mario to my house and after Mario checked the work that needed to be done he called the office and was able to get me a great price that I took and scheduled a day for the work. The work that Mario did was very good and he was able to complete it the same day. I do recommend this company for all insulation projects.
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Do you need to remove old insulation? We can help. Yes, you must select an energySMART approved contractor to qualify for weatherization rebates. Visit to view the complete list of approved contractors.
Blown fiberglass, on the other hand, is made up of very fine strands of glass, and these tiny fibers are a carcinogen that can easily be inhaled into your lungs. To offset this potential health concern, fiberglass insulation is usually covered with something after it’s installed, or it’s installed in an area where it won’t be disturbed (such as an attic), so the fibers won’t get into the air where they could be inhaled. With these precautions, it’s no threat to your health.
Another commonly employed home insulation types are foil backed insulation. This is generally used to apply insulation to the interior of a wall. Essentially you get pieces of plasterboard or dry wall, which has a foil back to it that reflects heat. It is a very easy way to add internal insulation when there is no cavity to pump, but it is not one of the cheapest ways.
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February 19, 2015 at 6:51 am Fri, 01/30/2009 – 10:55 Your Message Your California Privacy Rights Check your local building code for R-value recommendations and any vapor barrier requirements that apply to your area.
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Classic wood storm windows, regarding of the yard and of course gutters and downspouts are top priority before insulating. Thanks again – I will be recording and sharing progress.
To cut a batt to size, lay it on a piece of plywood. Then put a short length of 2×4 at the point where you want to cut, put your foot on the 2×4 and lean on it to compress the fiberglass. Once it’s compressed, it’s easy to cut with a utility knife.
Browse Attic Products The vented attic approach requires that there be sufficient height at the attic eaves for code-level required amounts of insulation. In mixed- and cold climates (Climate Zones 4 and above), inadequate insulation raises the risk of wintertime condensation forming at the top plate due to cold surfaces. If the roof is too low at the eaves to install adequate amounts of blown insulation, then alternative solutions include filling the space over the top plate up to the baffle with closed-cell spray foam, or covering the top plate area with rigid foam board. (Spray foam and rigid foam have higher R-values per inch than blown insulation. Spray foam has the added advantage of air sealing the top plate-to-drywall seams and the baffle-to-top plate seam.) Another option is to convert the attic to a sealed insulated space by sealing the soffit vents and insulating along the underside of the ceiling deck with closed-cell spray foam or above the roof deck with rigid foam. In new home construction, a common solution to increase the roof height for insulation above the top plate is to use raised heel trusses. Older existing roofs are unlikely to have raised heel trusses, and they’re are not likely to be installed as a retrofit measure unless a complete reconstruction of the roof is required, such as when, for example a second or third story is being added.
Fast, professional installation Homes that qualify for additional attic insulation can receive a rebate that has been put in place by both Rocky Mountain Power, and Questar Gas. We have financing options that allow you to do same as cash or monthly payment options along with rebates.
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Information & Resources Sealing around an Plumbing Pipe Model#  R-19-1000sqft Expert Installation. Energy Savers’ professional installers have upgraded the insulation for thousands of energy-conscious customers across the Wasatch region. Contact us today to find out how we can help you lower your energy costs and warm your home against Utah winters.

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Once my attic is airtight-and rigid vent baffles are in place (see “A Crash Course in roof Venting“)-I can rather quickly blow several inches of cellulose onto the floor of the attic. My insulating goal is around R49, which would require about 15-in. of cellulose insulation (R3.2 per inch). That thickness would change slightly if I were to switch to blow-in fiberglass. (For more information on these two insulation types, read “Blown Insulation for Attics: Fiberglass vs. Cellulose” and “Buyer’s Guide to Insulation: Blown-In” both by Martin Holladay.) If I were to try and achieve R-49 in the roof, thus making the attic conditioned space, I would have to fur my rafters considerably to accept a thick layer of insulation-driving up cost and complexity-or shift to a more expensive insulating material like spray foam. In fact, just to be sure that I wasn’t making any grand assumptions on the cost effectiveness of insulating my attic floor, I recently had a spray-foam contractor give me a quote for insulating the roof above my attic. To achieve R-49 with open-cell spray foam it would cost me just about $5,000. Insulating the attic floor with cellulose or fiberglass will cost thousands of dollars less without compromising performance.
Friday, June 1, 2018 Attics & Cathedral Ceilings I understand that the equipment must be new and installed at the residence listed on this application prior to submittal of this application. Resale units, units leased, rebuilt, rented, won as a prize, received in full or partial from insurance claims, or retrofitted units do not qualify. Products installed as a result of new construction do not qualify for a rebate.
Lighting Installation Pinterest I won’t even discuss R-value because fiberglass batts have no place in an attic. Just don’t go there.
Mon – Fri 10am – 8pm I am now more informed  about insulation, I need fiberglass and need a quote and availability of when my attic can be insulated.
How Much Attic Insulation Do You Need (video) Vinyl Patch Tape Whole house air sealing 50 percent of the cost, up to $350 Before outfitting your attic with insulation, seal all air leaks.
The long-term payoff is impressive too. You could see your energy bills go down by as much as 15 to 25 percent depending on your climate and existing levels of insulation. And you may also qualify for a tax credit on the cost of the blown in insulation (check with the IRS or at
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Block Totaling $550 – $1,075 However, spray foam insulation is more expensive to install than batt insulation. A good median option between the two — both in cost and R-value — is blown-in cellulose. A cellulose installation over the 2014-2015 winter for a 385-square-foot attic in a two-story, 850-square-foot rowhouse cost about $900 to achieve R-49. In this example, the homeowner was also installing a skylight simultaneously, so the cellulose was blown-in through the new skylight opening. Additionally, blown-in insulation is a great solution for attics that are not accessible.
Savings & Energy Center The Authorized Contractor and its employees are not employees of PSE, and PSE will not be supervising the work performed by the Authorized Contractor for program participants. As such, any issues related to the work undertaken for the program participant should be addressed directly to the Authorized Contractor because PSE shall not be responsible in any way for proper completion of the work or proper performance of any product acquired by a program participant under this weatherization program. By accepting the discount, program participants agree to these terms and assume the risk of any loss or damage(s) that they may suffer in connection with failure to achieve energy savings.
TruTeam is more than an installation contractor. We are your strategic trade partner on every step of the project. With our national footprint, we command:
Link to homepage Hurricane Tracker Copyright Certification Requirements Rock wool fiber is an environmentally friendly product that uses post-consumer recycled material and metals. It also has a naturally strong fire-retardant capacity, making it the most expensive blow-in insulation on the market. Despite the cost, the inorganic material adds exceptional soundproofing to the home in addition to its insulating capability. This type of insulation also contributes to repelling insects and rodents naturally. When building code requires additional fire protection, mineral wool blow-in fiber is installed in stud cavities. One of the unique qualities of mineral wool is its ability to be “blown” in without the use of a mechanical blower machine. The material can be crumpled by hand because it is a natural product. A drawback to this method is the fact that it can take considerably longer to install versus cellulose or fiberglass.
20. Foam Tight Insulation An attic radiant barrier can help keep your home cooler and more comfortable.
Utah Insulation Rebates Kitchen Appliances Have your assistant crumble the compressed cellulose blown in insulation as he loads the hopper so it doesn’t clog the hose. If the cellulose comes out too fast or too slow, adjust the hopper door. The blower machine is loud, and you and your assistant won’t be in visual contact. Communicate with each other using a walkie-talkie or cell phone. You can also click the blower control switch on and off several times to get your helper’s attention.
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Eco Insulation offers a variety of services, all of which are aimed at improving the energy efficiency of homes and businesses. We provide fiberglass insulation installation and other services to reduce your overall energy costs. Our products and services are high in quality, provided by highly trained and experienced technicians.
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