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I recently had a water damage in my attic due to a bad HVAC condensation line installation. I needed to get rid of all the soaked insulation and put new one in. Since the insulation was old anyway I decided to replace the whole thing. Out of the insulation contractors I reached out to, Guy from Attic Insulation by LABS was the most qualified. He was very detailed in his quote and gave me some good professional insights. The day of the work Moses, LABS owner came in with three guys, they covered everything properly and went up the attic. The attic cleaning service took the longest, about 4 hours, due to a tight fit in my attic. The batt insulation installation took about a couple of hours more. After they were done they removed all the covers and browned my floor. I was impressed by their hard work and very satisfied with the results.
Provide at least 3 inches clearance for any lighting not rated for contact with insulation, wiring or combustion vents. View Profile (786) 423-8752 Sign Up to Receive Specials 09-12-2009, 11:05 AM   #18
Around objects that store or distribute hot water and indoor air. Certainteed Roofing k i know there is a formula and such… i know what r value is needed in each area of the house… what i want to know is what is the trasfuranse rate of heat through r values?… example… *80 outside and i have stud wall 3/4 sheeting and r13 how cool will the inside of the wall be?… give or take for unknown veriables
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LC Staffing – 26 reviews – Kalispell, MT Attic Insulation Installation, Cleaning and Upgrade.
Radiant Cooling & Heating Glenbeulah A wise way to help reduce your monthly heating & cooling bills “We used to have $500 electric bills for one month; all the heat used to escape the house. After the insulation, I did not even need to run my heat even though it was 30 degrees outside. The insulation is working so well. You cannot feel the draft anymore. I think it was great that I insulated my basement; it made a huge difference.”
Follow Emily E. Join InterNACHI Patios, Paths, Pavers & Steps Germantown Shop Gift Cards To make sure existing chutes aren’t blocked, stand in a dark attic to see whether light from the eaves is filtering through the vents. Replace any chutes that are blocked, damaged or missing. You’ll find both plastic and foam vent chutes at home centers. Olson recommends using foam chutes. “They’re more rigid and there’s less chance of them getting crumpled or compressed when you’re installing them.” Pull back the existing insulation so you can see out to the edge of the eaves, and install a vent chute in every rafter space (Photo 2).
Services, rates and programs Elka Park Many homeowners think that their air conditioning and heating systems are enough to regulate the temperature in their homes, but that’s not always the case. While both systems are responsible for adjusting temperatures to meet more suitable conditions, simply relying on your air conditioner or heating system could overwork them and cause damages and repairs in the future. One of the ways you can reduce the work load on your thermoregulatory installments is through the provision of insulation.
Stapler any openings or cracks where two walls meet, where the wall meets the ceiling, or near interior door frames; The Best Insulating Rigid Foam
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Foam Insulation What’s a fertilizer blend plant’s number-one enemy? Moisture! If water gets into or condensation forms inside a storage unit, it quite quickly begins degrading the fertilizer and forming rust. But Monolithic uses a technology that keeps that troublesome process to a minimum.
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R-38 13.0″ 51.4 Solution Center Are you ready to start saving money and live more comfortably than you ever had before? Never ask “Where can I find a reliable insulation contractor near me?” again! If you are in Southern California or the Bay Area and are interested in insulating your home or office, contact OJ Insulation for a FREE estimate! There are no obligations—so contact us today at (800) 707-9278!
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How to Choose and Use Insulation Appliances Cementitious foam 0.35–0.69 R-2–R-3.9 14–27
$242.47 If # 2 is yes then the moisture is condensation from the inside,which can be altered by a dehumidifier.
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In conventional construction, framing touches both the inside surface and outside surface of the wall. This allows for the direct conduction of heat and cold from the outside wall through the studs to the inside wall, resulting in an important and unnecessary source of heat flow. Preventing or minimizing thermal bridging is best done at both the design phase and during the construction phase. Pay special attention to door jams, second-story floor interfaces, walls, foundations, edges, corners, soffits, eaves, connections, decks and penetrations.
Lawn Mowing When inspecting an attic, ensuring that there is a free flow of outside air from the soffits to the roof vents is key to a well-functioning insulation system. The lack of adequate ventilation in insulated attics is a common defect. When inspecting the attic, look behind the baffles to see if there is any misplaced insulation obstructing the natural air flow, and check the roof vents to make sure that outside air is exhausting properly. Check for a moisture barrier under the insulation.  Also, look for spots where the insulation is compacted; it may need to be fluffed out.  In the case of loose-fill insulation, check for any thinly spread areas that may need topping up. Finally, look for dirty spots in the insulation where incoming air is admitting dust into the material.
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Where More >> Huntington Beach Very kind, very responsible, clean, and finished completely. I’m very happy with your work. Thank you very much.
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Unlike bulk insulators, radiant barriers resist conducted heat poorly. Materials such as reflective foil have a high thermal conductivity and would function poorly as a conductive insulator. Radiant barriers retard heat transfer by two means: by reflecting radiant energy away from its surface and by reducing the emission of radiation from its opposite side.
Find Another Location This program is funded by California utility customers and administered by Southern California Edison under the auspices of the California Public Utilities Commission.
ENERGY STAR in action “The young man that was in the attic was totally awesome. the heat temperature up in the attic to be 150° Do to outside was 98 he really worked hard. He did a excellent excellent job. And I have seen a extreme difference in the cooling in my house. The blown in insulation made a total difference. And I would give kudos to this company. Also the only day I could make it was on a Saturday morning do to working out of town. in which this company made the arrangements to accommodate my work schedule😊”
Other Rooms 2. Box out light fixtures. Unless you’re using mineral-wool insulation or your fixtures are rated safe for contact with any type of insulation, don’t allow the material to touch or cover recessed cans or lights from the floor below—it’s a fire hazard. Use hardware cloth, metal flashing, or scrap plywood to create a safety gap of at least 3 inches all around fixtures.
Median Salary $43,600 Corporate 12 R-value in-situ measurements Contact us today to create a living space that is more comfortable and organized.
I used green fiber over my garage. I Really liked the noise reduction since I play music I dont think fiberglass would have that benifit. Equipment and Training
Take a shine to energy savings. Stapled against the rafters, a sheet-type radiant barrier will reflect solar heat and save energy of cooling costs during warm weather.
Keep moisture and air from permeating the interior
HVAC & Electrical (61) Can you add too much attic insulation?
The 20 pound bags at Lowes, Home Depot, and other DIY stores are packaged for the DIY crowd, and not for commercial installers. We buy the 30 pound bags for less, and then, by your math, that changes the picture entirely.
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