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The AttiCat™ system ensures a safe installation in your home and will provide years of reliable service. AttiCat™ Blown-in Attic Insulation is noncombustible, mold resistant, noncorrosive and will not absorb moisture.
Do you have a valid driver’s license? Level out loose-pack insulation and install depth markers every 300 square feet. An attic insulation upgrade can cut your heating & cooling costs by as much as 40%! More importantly, it will restore comfort to rooms that get too hot or too cold at different times of the year, and it’s a once and done upgrade that won’t wear out or require maintenance.
Insulation Comparison Subject Auto & Home Improvement39460 Duct Blaster Testing Reflective or radiant barriers work the opposite way as do other insulation materials but it has similar results. Most insulation slows down the flow of heat, but the thermodynamics of radiant barriers causes it to reflect the heat and cold. It is commonly used in attics to minimize the effects of scathing summers or frigid winters.
Granules light-weight vermiculite or perlite =2.7 x depth When installing fiberglass insulation, it’s also a good idea to sprinkle baby powder on any exposed skin to reduce irritation from the glass fibers.

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Once the patch started to dry after they left is where I began having some issues. The patch began to crack where the original holes were (not on all the holes but it seemed to happen on the front of my house the most – I’d say about 60% cracked), so you could see the original circular 2 inch hole they drilled out in the wall. Needless to say I was disappointed as I assumed they were experts in patching since they regularly make holes in walls. I reached out to Steve, the owner, as I assumed this was an error they could easily come out to fix but instead was told that this was normal and ALWAYS happens.  Really?  If that’s the case, it would have been nice to know that beforehand so I could decide if I wanted little circles all over the stucco in the front of my home. I feel a little tricked since they weren’t upfront about it before they did the work (seeing how it’s normal and all for them). It’s in fine print on the contract that they are not responsible for how any of the patchwork turns out and will not come back out to fix so just be aware of that fact and be ready to fix stuff yourself if you have any issues. I’ve had stucco patchwork done on my house before and never had this issue so it was a total surprise for me. The other contractors wet the existing stucco beforehand so that might be the difference. I also didn’t appreciate Steve’s condescending tone when I reached out to see if we could come to a resolution. He seemed to just fan the fire and make things worse.  In the end, I decided to listen to Steve’s suggestion of applying two really thick coats of water based primer before the regular paint to fill the cracks. It worked on some of the cracks but not all (this is after two heavy coats of primer and one coat of paint).  I’m just really disappointed in how I was treated and the results of the work. It doesn’t feel right that I should have to try to fill cracks with paint. We are buying more paint today to try another layer of paint since that’s all we can do at this point. That’s another $55 down the drain and a few hours of my time I didn’t expect to spend.
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Open Sundays Upgrade under-performing wall insulation to eliminate cold winter drafts and wasted energy. Insulation serves as a barrier that protects your home’s thermal envelope, which keeps the outdoor air out and your conditioned air—both hot and cold—inside. When your whole home is insulated, it maintains its temperature much more effectively and efficiently, saving you money while keeping you comfortable. Our team at USA Insulation can provide whole-home insulation services for existing homes as well as homes being constructed.
If you have an attached garage or simply want to make your garage warmer, insulating the door with foam kits is simple and only takes a few hours to complete. Depending on if you opt for batts, foam boards, or reflective insulation, you’ll pay about $200 for a 9′ door.
Owens Corning Atticat Insulation – Less Hassle, More Comfort Research Stanford University’s Degree Programs
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Proper ventilation helps water vapor to exit the attic, helping to dry out existing moisture. Save money on your heating and cooling bills with blown in attic insulation! See below for a list of frequently asked questions on blown attic insulation.
Call us today for a free quote, and to learn how you can begin saving money right away by having a more energy efficient home! Industry News
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If you’d rather blow insulation, AttiCat is slightly less than GreenFiber and not much more than R-30 rolls. Not a big enough difference to choose one over the other if you have a certain preference for either fiberglass or cellulose in my opinion.
North Carolina Rebates and Savings Tenants Manitowoc Energy Efficient Homes Package Fibers The team at SDI came into our architectural firm and taught us how important green building efficiency practices are. Now we use them on every project. Thanks guys!
5/18/2018 Great customer service. Phone and email communication was great. Their guys showed up in the truck and were very nice. They set everything up fast and competed the installation of the insulation real fast. They also did a great job cleaning up. Very respectful. Though, my home IS small at only 815sq feet. The blown in insulation i had in my attic was very old. Didn’t do much of anything. The new insulation is R30 and i’m told should bring it up to R38. I can already feel a difference. There will be a before picture and after.
To help you get the most for your insulation dollar, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has answers to some basic questions about home insulation. As the nation’s consumer protection agency, the FTC enforces a number of energy-related laws, including the R-value Rule, which deals with insulation.
Doctorate Find out what type of insulation you have. This is fairly easy because common attic insulation types have different colors: fiberglass is pink, cotton is blue, cellulose is gray and rockwool is yellowish-gray. Loose fill cellulose and rockwool can be tricky to tell apart, so you may need to take a sample with you to the hardware store and ask an expert.
The R in R-value stands for “resistance”—specifically, resistance to the flow of heat. Insulation with a large R-value has a larger—or better—resistance to heat, meaning less heat is able to penetrate through it and escape. Therefore, the larger or higher the R-value, the more energy-efficient your home is. Generally, the thickness of the layer of insulation directly relates to the R-value. As a rule, the thicker, the better.
The Company Price Increase Announcement 8-31-09 (Steep % amounts)gaf.pdf (31 KB) You may be eligible for local and federal discounts for installing solar panels.
Design-It® Center Contact us for efficient insulation in your home Atlas_Roof_Underlayments_Logo_-_Black_Red_(2).jpg (753 KB) In our never-ending quest for cost-effective conservation solutions, we’ve found another really good one! 
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