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You can blow three rafter bays on each side of the attic from one position. Let the hose sit on the drywall to fill the eave areas, giving it a shake to move it from bay to bay. For the center areas, hold the hose level and blow in insulation evenly until you’ve reached your level lines (Photo 6). Then pivot in place and do the same thing to the other side. Move across the attic until you’ve hit your desired height at every point. Blow in insulation until the hopper is empty. You’ll end up with a clean blower, and the extra inch or two of insulation will settle over the next few months.
Your home’s first line of defense against the sun’s heat is its roof. The radiant heat that beats down on your home’s roof accounts for up to 93% of heat gain in your entire home. LO/MIT™ Spray-on Radiant Barrier is an Energy Star Certified, silver-colored, low-emissivity coating that is sprayed on and in-between rafters in your attic. Just a thin layer will allow your roof to reflect solar radiation.
Architect Resource Binder Ice dams are another potentially damaging issue that can develop. Ice dams occur when warm, moist air from inside your home comes into contact with the cold roof in the winter. The warm air causes snow to melt and then refreeze on eavestrough, leading to a build-up of ice and icicles. Icynene spray foam is an ideal, energy efficient insulation that can help you avoid these types of problems in your home, while working to both reduce energy loss and to maintain the indoor air temperature so that you and your family are comfortable all year round.
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914 w. 500 n. The long-term payoff is impressive too. You could see your energy bills go down by as much as 15 to 25 percent depending on your climate and existing levels of insulation. And you may also qualify for a tax credit on the cost of the blown in insulation (check with the IRS or at

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Experience, quality and safety is our goal. We’ve been in the insulation business for over a decade, our happy customers are a testament to our philosophy. Our employees are experienced and our products are always of the highest quality.
Copyright 2016 © WICA Insulation Accessories 895 W 2600 S Air Conditioning Some services we provide include: We provide our customers with unique flexible, rigid, semiflex or elastomer systems, the machinery to dispense into tooling, and the onsite set-up and training to get our customers up and running to produce parts into their unique business segments.
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Irex Contracting Group strives to complete every task, and ultimately every project, with zero accidents. MICA strives to be the resource to which the Mechanical Insulation Industry looks to for leadership and advice.
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Provide in-person estimate Perform the work 2. Always cover the tops of the ceiling joists to make sure the insulation is deep enough to reach your target R-value and to prevent thermal bridging, the heat loss that occurs through the wood framing.
“Craig’s showed up on time for the estimate, went through the attic, and gave me two quotes: one was for just the 13×13 area, and the other was for that room PLUS adding additional insulation to the rest of the attic. I accepted the re-negotiated quote for the whole house, and Craig and his son completed the job and cleaned up all within an hour. I told two of my neighbors who inquired about what I was having done, and Craig went over and quoted them both a price based on their squared footage, and at least one had insulation done immediately after my job! Now that I have the correct amount of insulation in my attic, I can really tell the difference in heat and air. If you are considering having additional insulation blown into your attic, call Craig’s Insulation. ”
June 6 @ 4:00 pm Hi Kate, It’s not necessary to insulate attic walls because it’s an unheated space. The idea is to keep the temperature inside the attic as close as possible to the outside air temperature. It makes much more sense–and cents–to insulate the attic floor, which in effective is insulating the ceiling of the rooms below. That way, you block heated air (and air-conditioned air) from escaping through the ceilings and leaking into the attic. Hope this helps. Good luck!–Joe T.
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Energy Efficient New Homes In a perfect world, you’d hire an energy auditor to tell you exactly how much protection you’re getting from the few inches of attic insulation you may already have and to pinpoint things like air leaks that you can seal to make sure your insulation will do its job well. But if you can’t afford to shell out a few hundred bucks for this service, never fear: We’ve rounded up all the most important know-how about attic insulation products, prep work, and installation right here. Keep reading for the details.
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