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Wall Blowing Camas Valley Ornamental Iron Railing Robert K., Imperial, PA 5. STC is an acronym for which of the following? Include vapor barriers and ventilation in your plans. Faucets
Commercial Projects Gallery All Storage & Organization In conventional construction, framing touches both the inside surface and outside surface of the wall. This allows for the direct conduction of heat and cold from the outside wall through the studs to the inside wall, resulting in an important and unnecessary source of heat flow. Preventing or minimizing thermal bridging is best done at both the design phase and during the construction phase. Pay special attention to door jams, second-story floor interfaces, walls, foundations, edges, corners, soffits, eaves, connections, decks and penetrations.
Similar Threads Cameron Home Insulation strives to help families make their homes more comfortable. Family-owned and run for over a century, our familiarity with houses of every age and style, as well as our expertise in home insulation and building science, help us to provide the most current and economical processes available.
Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains R-value and the need for good insulation Want to hire a pro for this project?
Many homes that are at least 10 years old lack adequate insulation in the attic, and the effect on home comfort expenses can be devastating. As much as 20 percent of the heating and cooling energy that you buy can be wasted because of excess heat transfer between the living space and a poorly insulated attic. 
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Better coverage “Every house is different, so you never know what you’re walking into,” says Jeremy Morton, insulation technician for Orkin, the Atlanta-based pest control company.
Birch Mouldings Kitchen Parts Next, place baffles around any electrical fixtures (lights, receptacles, etc.), since these may become hot while in use. Hold the baffles in place by cross-sectioning the rafters with 2x4s placed at a 3-inch clearance around the fixture.  Cut the polystyrene board to fit around the fixture and inside the wood square you have just created.
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Batts come in pre-cut lengths for faster installation and each package contains more square feet than rolls; ideal for framed cavities.
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Engage The TruTeam Difference Our Blog Blow-In Insulation Profile The Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), has answers based on your zip code and information you enter about your home. Your local home improvement store (or its website) also may have information to help you determine your insulation needs.
07-31-2009, 12:35 AM   #15 High School & GED Although insulation can be made from a variety of materials, it usually comes in four types; each type has different characteristics. Here’s a faster, cleaner way to cut fiberglass insulation. Use a hedge shears to slice through the insulation. Unlike a utility knife, the shears won’t spread loose tufts of insulation all over, and the best part is, you stay itch free.
Find A Pro To provide ventilation in a roof that is insulated, install special rafter vents. These are stapled to the underside of the roof sheathing, between rafters. They allow air to move behind the insulation so the roof stays nice and cold while the room inside is insulated against the cold. Make sure the eave vents at the bottom of the rafter and the ridge vent or other vents at the top are free of obstructions so air can move freely.
Continous Soffit Vents 355 5 Verified Reviews Nail Salons Information on the calculations, meanings, and inter-relationships of related heat transfer and resistance terms Sewer Stoppage
Cellulose Insulation Green Facts Home Foam[49] 0.69 R-3.9 27.0 Provides optimum insulating R-value for your climate zone
55 friends TruTeam can protect your projects from the elements with a variety of waterproofing techniques and materials.
Project Planning & Checklists I shopped around and received 3 estimates for the work and after comparing price, customer reviews, and the level of care given to the processes of providing me with an estimate I decided to go with Attic Insulation by LABS. Eran gave me a fair price, was able to work with my scheduled to find a time that worked for both of us to get the work completed, and never let me down with his commitment to great customer service. The work was completed in 1 and a half days. Despite a full day of steady rain and their supplier being unable to deliver the materials as planned due to the rain, Eran and Moses made adjustments, sent a couple people in their crew to pick up the materials and kept up their end of the agreement and got everything done as scheduled. I really appreciated that there was always one or the other at the job site with their crew – I think that’s a perk of going with a smaller company; more personal care can be given to the project by the business owners.  I opted to have them do a full restoration which included cleaning out all the trash, vacuuming out small debris, sanitizing the floors, air sealing, 38R batt insulation, and a thermal barrier. They also had a trapping company come out to take care of any rodents that were able to hide during the process. I can tell a difference already with the a more consistent temperature around the house, my heating system is working better (they found that one of the vents wasn’t properly attached when they were doing the air sealing…I had part of my heating/cooling going into the attic instead of the bedroom) and turning on less frequently and I don’t hear the rattles and the sound of the furnace like I use to. I’m looking forward to comparing my heating/cooling bills with past years. After they were done, I received a couple of calls checking in to make sure I was happy with the work they had done and I actually did find one thing I wanted them to make an adjustment to. My attic has some decorative windows and I noticed that i could see the pink insulation in one area – I let them know and Eran came out himself to take care of it. My experience with this company is that they are clean, do quality work with quality products, and they stick with their time commitment. I teach high school as my full time job but I also manage a duplex and a multi-family home that has multiple apartments in it. I’ve had many experience with workmen over the years and I can say without hesitation that Attic Insulation by LABS did a great job – I would recommend them without hesitation!
Arrow Insulation Bottom line: Offers natural fire resistance, but costs more than other loose-fill materials. Riddle Advertise Your Products
Trackbacks are Off Filed Under: Walls Cellulose loose-fill[55] 0.52–0.67 R-3–R-3.8 20–26 Malibu DIY Projects & Ideas Target Finder Energy Vanguard Street, City, Zip Code
5. Follow these Dos and Don’ts. Significantly Reduce your Attic Temperatures by Reflecting Solar Radiation Gate Listvisit|Home-Gate List|navigation-www|14
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Look, Measure, Audit Double stud wall advice for Zone 6 Contact our gutter experts today to receive your quote. White Oak Ross_150_specsht_5_12_4email.pdf (133 KB)

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Read the first chapter of this document as a sanity check on the cost effectiveness of R80 from an energy use perspective:
Connect On: South New Berlin Allen Lawrence Says: Energy Efficient Shingles Since most heat and cool loss is through the attic, you’re right to tackle it first. If possible, it’s important to provide adequate ventilation in the attic to remove hot air and prevent condensation (see our articles on Attic Ventilation and Soffit Vents), which it sounds like would be hard to do in your case. As far as under the house goes, it would be okay to attach OSB to the bottom of your joists. You might want to screw them on with drywall screws and a cordless drill so you could easily take it off in case it floods and the insulation gets soaked. Good luck with your project!
Insulation which is compressed will not give you its full rated R-value. This can happen if you add denser insulation on top of lighter insulation in an attic. It also happens if you place batts rated for one thickness into a thinner cavity, such as placing R-19 insulation rated for 6 1/4 inches into a 5 1/2 inch wall cavity.
by kate@phoenix Learn About R-Values Asphalt Roof Coatings & Cement This has led to controversy as how to rate the insulation of these products. Many manufacturers will rate the R-value at the time of manufacture; critics argue that a more fair assessment would be its settled value.[citation needed] The foam industry[when?] adopted the LTTR (Long-Term Thermal Resistance) method,[41] which rates the R-value based on a 15-year weighted average. However, the LTTR effectively provides only an eight-year aged R-value, short in the scale of a building that may have a lifespan of 50 to 100 years.
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