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21October 2017

You feel a cold draft in that one dark hallway upstairs — so who you gonna call? Before you check in with paranormal investigators, check your energy bill. If it’s running high, the solution may be much simpler than a séance: Beefing up the insulation in your attic is one of the easiest ways to make your home more energy efficient.
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Attic doors- also referred to as scuttle holes– are usually the area where most air leaks between your attic and the rest of your home. The Attic Tent creates an airtight barrier around your attic door and fits around most standard folding attic stairs.. The Attic Tent is made from a durable, lightweight insulation material that should last for the lifetime of your home. Along with providing enough energy savings, it can also improve the Indoor Air-Quality of your home.
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Before you hire an insulation contractor 12. Product Fit to Use Imperative Protection
Furnaces Working Well With Colleagues of All Ages Cost of GreenFiber Vs Atticat Blown In Insulation Alternative Health
OCTOBER 23, 2015 AT 6:22 AM Learn More Tiller 2★   That last image was from a new construction pre-drywall inspection, and is a pretty common detail on new construction homes.
COOKIE POLICY Small Animal Containment What To Do When Personal and Professional Commitments Compete for Your Time Jump up ^ “Indicators of Insulation Quality: U-value and R-value” (PDF). U-value and building physics. greenTEG. 2016-03-17. Retrieved 2016-03-17.
FROTH-PAK™ Foam Insulation Kit Zip Code, Neighborhood, City Search d. Gaskets Let’s go back to the ASTM. Did you read long enough into their report to the point that they did NOT test cellulose 5-7 years old. They never stated any thing from that?!?!?! Well atleast I couldn’t find it. The “perfect” numbers you stated are totally true. Of course that comes with the testing of both products right out of the package.
Spray Foam Insulation REPLYDELETE Industry Issues Vicky P. If AFUE is not listed, simply divide the output BTUs by the input BTUs as listed on the unit itself. Typical AFUE values are 0.6 to 0.88 for propane furnaces and 0.7 to 0.95 for natural gas furnaces. Use an efficiency value of 1.0 for baseboard electric systems, 2.1 to 2.5 for conventional heat pumps, and 3.2 to 3.5 for geothermal heat pumps.
March 2, 2018 by Harrison Kral Green Attic’s work was AWFUL. It needed $2300 of additional work to mostly fix it. Green Attic did NOT offer to do any of the work or to pay for it. When they saw the problems they merely acknowledged there was a problem and it needed much more work to fix it.
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Use insulation appropriate for the area, such as rigid foam insulation on the outer side of the knee wall supporting rafters and dense pack insulation for decked attic floors.
R-value, infiltration, radiant barriers, ductwork, baffles, foam insulation…Do you ever get the feeling that energy savings is over your head?
Ventilate. You need to ventilate your home because you and your family generate moisture when you cook, shower, do laundry, and even when you breathe. More than 99% of the water used to water plants eventually enters the air. If you use an unvented natural gas, propane, or kerosene space heater, all the products of combustion, including water vapor, are exhausted directly into your living space. This water vapor can add 5 to 15 gallons of water per day to the air inside your home. If your clothes dryer is not vented to the outside, or if the outdoor vent is closed off or clogged, all that moisture will enter your living space. Just by breathing and perspiring, a typical family adds about 3 gallons of water per day to their indoor air. You especially need to vent your kitchen and bathrooms. Be sure that these vents go directly outside, and not to your attic, where the moisture can cause problems. Remember that a vent does not work unless you turn it on; so if you have a vent you are not using because it is too noisy, replace it with a quieter model. If your attic is ventilated, it is important that you never cover or block attic vents with insulation. Take care to prevent loose-fill insulation from clogging attic vents by using baffles or rafter vents. When you think about venting to remove moisture, you should also think about where the replacement air will come from, and how it will get into your house. When natural ventilation has been sharply reduced with extra air-sealing efforts, it may be necessary to provide fresh air ventilation to avoid build-up of stale air and indoor air pollutants. Special air-to-air heat exchangers, or heat- recovery ventilators, are available for this purpose. For more information about controlled ventilation, see the Whole-House Ventilation Systems Technology Fact Sheet.
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Ventilation plays a large role in providing moisture control and reducing summer cooling bills. Attic vents can be installed along the entire ceiling cavity to help ensure proper airflow from the soffit to the attic to make a home more comfortable and energy efficient. Check with a qualified contractor.
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Adding insulation to your attic, basement or crawlspace is one the best ways to improve energy efficiency in your home. It can reduce your heating and cooling costs by 30 percent and may make you eligible for a federal tax credit.
Trade: Roofing “Craig’s showed up on time for the estimate, went through the attic, and gave me two quotes: one was for just the 13×13 area, and the other was for that room PLUS adding additional insulation to the rest of the attic. I accepted the re-negotiated quote for the whole house, and Craig and his son completed the job and cleaned up all within an hour. I told two of my neighbors who inquired about what I was having done, and Craig went over and quoted them both a price based on their squared footage, and at least one had insulation done immediately after my job! Now that I have the correct amount of insulation in my attic, I can really tell the difference in heat and air. If you are considering having additional insulation blown into your attic, call Craig’s Insulation. ”
Tuesday Repair Aesthetics and design choices help make a positive first impression for prospective homebuyers. TruTeam partners with the industry’s top fireplace manufacturers, providing home builders with a turnkey solution for supplies, design, and installation.
Cellulose insulation 15-20 0-5 SELLING A HOME Home Remodeling in San Francisco, CA
Winfield Waste Material Removal Menards® App Step 1: Prepare “I do not need to repeat what others have said about superb service. I was skeptical about the ROI stated during the sales presentation, but numbers don’t lie. We had the attic done in January 2015 and I have done energy usage comparison since. From June to August our energy cost was $1,021 in 2014, $960 in 2015, $758 in 2016 and $710 in 2017 (we added a new High efficiency AC on second Floor). Daily KWH averages reflect same results 80.89 in 2014, 79.05 in 2015, 68.05 in 2016 and 61.05 in 2017. I would recommend this investment and this super company.”
Pick another Application Loch Sheldrake Insulation provides a barrier between the living areas of your home and the outside environment. Adding blown in attic insulation to your home helps keep your heating and air conditioning where you live and not outside! Adding insulation to your attic not only saves you money, it saves energy as well. Call John Bender Inc. today at (314) 426-3736 or request a quote online.
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