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25August 2017

If you already have six inches of insulation and you want to get to the recommended R-38, add an “attic blanket.” It’s also made of fiberglass, but it has no paper backing. To install it, just lay it across the joists. Keep adding layers until you get to R-38.
Replies in about 10 minutes 100% response rate (801) 485-5222 However, spray foam insulation is more expensive to install than batt insulation. A good median option between the two — both in cost and R-value — is blown-in cellulose. A cellulose installation over the 2014-2015 winter for a 385-square-foot attic in a two-story, 850-square-foot rowhouse cost about $900 to achieve R-49. In this example, the homeowner was also installing a skylight simultaneously, so the cellulose was blown-in through the new skylight opening. Additionally, blown-in insulation is a great solution for attics that are not accessible.
Attic and Crawl Space Cleaning Insulation Removal & Replacement See all photos from Diana N. for Attic Insulation by LABS AAA Restoration Emergency $100 – $150 (1)
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Gutter Protection Extended Protection Plans Roofing, Soffits & Gutters Find a Professional Energy Savings at Home Insulation Removal is a great way to seal all areas and add new Insulation
Your home’s first line of defense against the sun’s heat is its roof. The radiant heat that beats down on your home’s roof accounts for up to 93% of heat gain in your entire home. LO/MIT™ Spray-on Radiant Barrier is an Energy Star Certified, silver-colored, low-emissivity coating that is sprayed on and in-between rafters in your attic. Just a thin layer will allow your roof to reflect solar radiation.
Insulation is not used to provide a thermal barrier between the interior and exterior of the house directly and its primary function is the restriction of airflow and here is why. The thermal resistance of Air is far better than Fiberglass so why do you need Fiberglass at all? Fiberglass will stop the convection airflow through the wall from basement to attic and trap the air in the wall. It’s the convection airflow that is robbing the heat from the house and once the insulation is installed it will stop this airflow.
And no, I didn’t call you Shirley. Find a Branch R-value per inch: 3.7–3.8 Copyright 2018 © American Residential Services LLC. All rights reserved. 2. Always cover the tops of the ceiling joists to make sure the insulation is deep enough to reach your target R-value and to prevent thermal bridging, the heat loss that occurs through the wood framing.
Contractor · Construction Company Change Pays Saving Energy: Blown in Insulation in the Attic Smart Thermostat Rebates for Your Home i have 12″ of insulation in the attic, problem where a contractor put in the stove vent the snow has been melting, i added some insulation but this problem is still there, i could not get to the suffit area to put insulation on top of the pipe and i i did i would be blocking off any venting from there, actually the area they put the outside vent at that location is blocked, can i stuff that 1 section with insulation? i never noticed this until i moved upstairs in the garage and been like this for a long time.
Problems with the Joseph Smith house is an example he likes to cite. He is a preservation consultant for Nauvoo, the Mormon town and National Historic site on the Mississippi River in Illinois with about 200 historic, mostly wood, structures. There is a professional maintenance staff, staff historians and thousands of visitors per year. This is a sacred site for Mormons and it had been carefully preserved.
Write a Review Add Photo Share , Opens a popup Save , Opens a popup Topics Danny Spencer The vented attic approach requires that there be sufficient height at the attic eaves to maintain an air gap above the insulation for ventilation air traveling from the soffit vents to the ridge vents. The vent space should be at least 2 inches high as well as throughout the width of the framing bay at each soffit vent. Baffles should be installed at each soffit vent to provide this pathway for ventilation air to move up past the insulation along the underside of the roof deck to the ridge vents or mushroom cap vents located near the ridge. The lower edge of the baffle can be sealed to the attic floor at the outside edge of the top plate with spray foam, which also air-seals the top plate-to-drywall seams. The baffles also serve to prevent insulation from covering the soffit vents, and they can also prevent “wind washing,” i.e., when wind blows in the soffit vents and pushes the insulation back from the eaves.
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Warning: 3 Costly Mistakes President and CEO of Clean Crawls, Treasurer of E3 World Wide, proud husband and father. Windows
ARS Home FEATURED It Pays to be Energy Efficient Specialty Projects As a native Californian, artist, journalist and published author, Laurie Brenner began writing professionally in 1975. She has written for newspapers, magazines, online publications and sites. Brenner graduated from San Diego’s Coleman College.
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This Week’s Show Air Conditioning & Cooling If you have a shingle warranty you’re worried about, you can use baffles from your local home improvement superstore. They’re easy to install, very inexpensive, and sidestep that issue entirely. You install the baffles first and then spray Foam it Green against the baffles. This makes it so the spray foam doesn’t touch the roof at all. Another benefit of doing this that if you reroof you won’t need to re-foam because the baffles act as a drainage plane.
If you’re looking for insulation companies near you, Big City Insulation can help! We provide residential and commercial insulation services and look forward to working with you on your project. As part of the IBP family of companies, we offer the expertise and resources that few local companies can match.
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Decking & Railing News In Pictures If you’re a home inspector, I recommend you add a glass suction cup to your tool list. This is a great little tool to keep in the tool bag.
If this is done at least every 2 years then your boiler may start performing worse than it should. This will result in more fuel use to achieve the same output.
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Knauf Insulation (1) Broderick Construction Inc Pins reflect approximated projects within zip codes. Home Depot does not disclose its customers’ addresses to protect their privacy.
Cameron Home Insulation Print   Video Transcript Let our professional team help you. October 8th, 2011 at 3:08 pm
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Winter Springs Carpeting Heat passes all too easily through a poorly insulated attic. In the winter, heated interior air rises naturally by convection and escapes into the attic through numerous air leaks. Conductive heat loss through the cold ceiling makes rooms directly beneath the attic even colder.
Non-Road Electrotechnology Rebates Look Up Your Start-Service Request If you are installing insulation with a vapor barrier, make sure it faces the interior of the house. Another option for a vapor barrier is to take sheets of plastic and lay them between the ceiling joists.  Then, using a staple gun, tack them to the sides of the joists.
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I’m a Building or Facility Professional Comment: Would like a free estimate about crawl space encapsulation. Thanks What is your personal experience with homes that have dense pace cellulose installed – chiefly, how has it preformed over time? I did a few bays by hand(long story)and am very impressed so far. My biggest worry is with diagonal plank sheathing,Dutch lap siding on failing paper backing and little or no interior vapor barrier on the inside is there a potential for moisture issues? What sort of failures have you or your readers seen?
advertise Directions Find a Distributor Attic Systems professionals are trained to identify key problem areas in your attic and recommend the right solutions for your needs. Whether you need your attic insulation raised to recommended levels, duct sealing and insulation, attic air sealing, or any combination of services, we can help! Our attic insulation system is proven to create more comfortable, healthy, and efficient homes and help you save money.
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New Home They were great to work with, very well priced, and got the job done right and in a very timely manner. They came and filled my attic with insulation in about an hour probably less!!
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Mapleton UT  84664   Utah Be careful not to drill into your heating or ac vents and fill them with cellulose if your home uses forced air to heat and cool your home.
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Rates & Regulatory Feedback What’s The Difference Between Blown-In and Batt Insulation? A finished attic should be insulated much like the rest of the house, with insulation in the walls and ceiling.
Popular Projects [email protected] Sustainability Report Get Matched Cellulose insulation is the oldest material used in home insulation. It can be either a loose-fill material or blown-in.
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