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8August 2017

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Owens Corning® AttiCat®, ProPink® L77, ProCat® Insulation More compact than loose-fill insulation with same R-value HOME
• Metal: Available in bronze, copper, stainless steel and aluminum, these weatherstripping options last for years and can be matched to existing door hardware. Door sweeps can be installed at the bottom of a door and can have rubber or bristles to reduce the amount of air that can flow under the door when closed.
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attic insulation

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attic insulation
atticat insulation
local attic insulation
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Beaded Plywood & MDF Name * Webcams Polyurethane rigid panel (CFC/HCFC expanded) aged 5–10 years 1.10 R-6.25 43 Burbank
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AttiCat R-15 31 $29.68 $920.08 $204.96 (25.58%) d. Radiant heat
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Danny Lipford: Before you go out and buy any insulation for your attic, get an idea of how much you have in the attic now. First of all if you go into the attic, and you can see your ceiling joists, I can already tell you, you don’t have enough. Just measure what you have. Here I have about four inches, which is probably only going to relate to around an R-5, not enough by any means. And I want to shoot for about an R-35. So, I have some R-30 which is about nine inches of insulation. And I’m going to roll this out over the existing.
Vapor Retarders Service Providers Inorganic glass fibers do not support fungus or mold growth. Will not rot or decay. (Fiber glass is resistant to mold growth, as tested per ASTM C 1338. However, mold growth can occur on building materials, including insulation, when it becomes contaminated with organic material and when water is present. To avoid mold growth on fiber glass insulation, remove any water that has accumulated and correct or repair the source of that water. Insulation that has become wet should be inspected for evidence of residual moisture and contamination. Contaminated insulation should be promptly removed and replaced.)
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    The Department of Energy recommends these minimum R-values for unfinished, unconditioned attics. The numbers are based on your house’s location and climate zone.
    Another option is to use a foam-in-place technique with open cell polyurethane foam. This process must be completed before the drywall is installed, but after the exterior sheathing, and all of the electrical and plumbing work is completed. Foam-in-place is sprayed as a liquid onto the channel between studs; the liquid polyurethane reacts dramatically with the air and rapidly expands outward. It hardens within minutes, and is trimmed with a long blade held across two studs, which is pulled in a downward motion. This process trims away excess insulation. Open cell foam is different from closed cell foam, because the cells in open cell foam are less densely packed, and they are filled with air instead of gas. Open cell foam is less energy efficient than closed cell foam, but it is still an effective insulator.
    Asked by Tom Schmidt
    Puts insulation where you want it.

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