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20March 2017

Fort Collins Owens Corning AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation System is a quick and easy, clean, safe and reliable means of insulating your home.
Installed R-38 Fiberglass Blown-in Attic Insulation Directions Comparison of Applegate Cellulose Insulation to fiberglass insulation
Anaheim When you add AttiCat insulation to your attic, it is comparable to wrapping a blanket around a building. Even a structure with the most state of the art furnace or air conditioner needs to be insulated properly in order to maintain temperature control. Poor insulation results in colder inside temperatures and higher heating and cooling costs. Most homes have little more than 6-8 inches of attic insulation which is simply not enough!
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I am building a PassiveHouse and LEED v4 certified house in Minnesota. Roughly 3800 sqft. Attempting to be as efficient with the space as possible, so we designed it to have living space over the garage. My understanding from the Passive House consultant is that based on how Passive House calculates everything, you are penalized by having a tuck under like we do. I didn’t want to change that part of the design, so it has resulted in throwing the calculations off and needing extra insulation.
Yelp Blog for Business Owners Areas of study you may find at Stanford University include: Spraying Foam Insulation InSpire Factory Mixes Color Percentages 3-14-12.xls (28 KB)
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Which R-Value Do You Need? The entire book, Urethane Foam: Magic Material – And the Best Kept Insulation Secret, can be purchased as an ebook by clicking here.
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Fibers DOME I tend to do much of my home repair on my own but for a few reasons I decided that I was going to let professionals tackle this job. My home is a 1920s era lath and plaster French Revival style house which was kept up extremely well by the prior owner EXCEPT for the attic. The attic space had large areas of the attic floor with no insulation whatsoever, significant sized openings to the exterior (that were not visible from the outside of the house), trash left from 90+ years of gradual work and repairs that took place in the attic, and the dust and debris that settled naturally and from the last roof that was put on the place. In addition, I had been battling a reoccurring rodent problem – for about 7 months prior.
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This next section covers aspects of insulation that most people are unfamiliar with or don’t know very well. There is a substantial difference between insulation for temperature control and insulation for heat loss control. For instance, the graph shows the heat loss control of spray-in-place urethane foam insulation. Any insulation will have a similar graph but with thicker amounts of insulation. This graph (Figure 2.7) points out that more insulation is not necessarily cost effective. From a heat loss perspective, there is a point at which more insulation is pointless.
Your attic is meant for more than just extra storage space. It is also designed to help conserve energy and save you money while providing a healthy barrier for your home from heat, cold and moisture. In order to do this, your attic must be properly ventilated, adequately insulated, and effectively protected against excessive exposure to the sun’s radiant heat. The professionals at your local ARS®/Rescue Rooter® have the expertise to recommend and install the best attic insulation for your home.
8 Home Energy Myths You Should Never Believe Spring This approach is based on three or more temperature measurements inside and outside of a building element. By synchronizing these measurements and making some basic assumptions, it is possible to calculate the heat flux indirectly, and thus deriving the U-value of a building element. The following requirements have to be fulfilled for reliable results:
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Deciphering Office Passive Aggression Twitter Polyurethane rigid panel (pentane expanded) aged 5–10 years 0.97 R-5.5 38
Online Claim Forms    Printable Forms    Claim Form Instructions The Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), has answers based on your zip code and information you enter about your home. Your local home improvement store (or its website) also may have information to help you determine your insulation needs.
Find a degree that fits your goals Click to Apply Most common weatherstripping options include: Vehicle Repair and Maintenance Spray Foam Insulation Services Contractor in Seattle
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Safety (49) Beaded Plywood & MDF Ready-to-ship materials John Manville Climate Pro® Formaldehyde-free™ Blow-In Fiberglass Insulation Let Us Help You
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Home Security Fashion Fabric Hydro-Stop Division 7 Binder – Specifications.pdf (4 MB) AtiCat is cheaper and easier to install, but in the long run, GF has lasted much more with added benefits. Also, GF is no longer 100% paper as advertised, it is 85%, now. I guess the added Boric and Ammonium make up the rest, which is why I assume it’s so dense. The bad thing about it being so dense is if it gets wet, it will create a smell that will last for weeks or a couple of months. I didn’t realize where the smell came from until I saw the leak from the roof. The good thing is the insulation absorbed all of the rain water and the sheet-rock didn’t get wet. Many pros and cons, but I’m a little happier with GF despite the price and work. I hope this helps.
Althea asks: Should I use faced or unfaced insulation in my attic?
Newer Post Older Post Home Are Thieves After Your Air Conditioner? Latest SDI News Only approved home energy auditors are able to offer Xcel Energy home energy audit rebates. Not all auditors provide home improvement services. If you would like to know if your auditor does offer energy improvement services, you can call Excel Energy.
Please note: Arrow Insulation is very aware of the importance of keeping your homes interior clean. All work done will have a drop cloth set up to keep your home and business neat and free from debris. Utility rebates are available for weathering your home. Please ask your estimator for more information or details.
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Online Programs The U-factor or U-value is the overall heat transfer coefficient that describes how well a building element conducts heat or the rate of transfer of heat (in watts) through one square metre of a structure divided by the difference in temperature across the structure.[23] The elements are commonly assemblies of many layers of components such as those that make up walls/floors/roofs etc. It measures the rate of heat transfer through a building element over a given area under standardised conditions. The usual standard is at a temperature gradient of 24 °C (75.2 °F), at 50% humidity with no wind[24] (a smaller U-factor is better at reducing heat transfer). It is expressed in watts per meter squared kelvin (W/m²K). This means that the higher the U-value the worse the thermal performance of the building envelope. A low U-value usually indicates high levels of insulation. They are useful as it is a way of predicting the composite behavior of an entire building element rather than relying on the properties of individual materials.
Research Grays Harbor College’s Programs & Degrees Phoenix • 12.4 mi The size of your home Ventilate. You need to ventilate your home because you and your family generate moisture when you cook, shower, do laundry, and even when you breathe. More than 99% of the water used to water plants eventually enters the air. If you use an unvented natural gas, propane, or kerosene space heater, all the products of combustion, including water vapor, are exhausted directly into your living space. This water vapor can add 5 to 15 gallons of water per day to the air inside your home. If your clothes dryer is not vented to the outside, or if the outdoor vent is closed off or clogged, all that moisture will enter your living space. Just by breathing and perspiring, a typical family adds about 3 gallons of water per day to their indoor air. You especially need to vent your kitchen and bathrooms. Be sure that these vents go directly outside, and not to your attic, where the moisture can cause problems. Remember that a vent does not work unless you turn it on; so if you have a vent you are not using because it is too noisy, replace it with a quieter model. If your attic is ventilated, it is important that you never cover or block attic vents with insulation. Take care to prevent loose-fill insulation from clogging attic vents by using baffles or rafter vents. When you think about venting to remove moisture, you should also think about where the replacement air will come from, and how it will get into your house. When natural ventilation has been sharply reduced with extra air-sealing efforts, it may be necessary to provide fresh air ventilation to avoid build-up of stale air and indoor air pollutants. Special air-to-air heat exchangers, or heat- recovery ventilators, are available for this purpose. For more information about controlled ventilation, see the Whole-House Ventilation Systems Technology Fact Sheet.
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