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small gray flat pieces or fibers (from newsprint) cellulose ____ =3.7 x depth North Carolina Rooms Must be measured and cut to fit walls or flat surfaces. Ingleside
Turn on 1-Click ordering for this browser Why We’re Experts Telford’s Local Insulation Contractors Impact 2016 Peer-To-Peer EV Charging Network Potential Boosted By 5,000 Locations As Quarterly EV Sales Grow 13.5% (UK)
Endless door configurations and door trim options Channeling water away from your home Subject Categories
Order Cancellation email Spray foam At OJ Insulation, we won’t charge you for insulation you don’t need. When you schedule your free estimate, we’ll discuss with you the different options you can take to maximize your overall savings and comfort. We won’t try to sell you on insulation that won’t give you any returns.
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What is insulation R-value and what does it mean for you? How much insulation does your Houston home need? Put simply, the R in R-value stands for resistance, and it’s a basic measurement of an insulation material’s heat resistance.
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I want to upgrade the underside of an enclosed porch and have a question about the existing insulation. The wood paneling does not currently cover all of the fiberglass insulation and there a few spots where you can reach in through a hole and stick your entire hand in…the fiberglass will have been exposed to humidity and blacksplashing rain. Does it need to be replaced? I see two different arguments online: 1. If fiberglass has been fully dried out then it is ok and you can re-use and 2. it has lost R-Value and needs to be replaced. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
Learn how to become a blown insulation contractor. Research the education requirements, training information and experience required for starting a management career in blown insulation. View article »
Assists in reducing the risk of fire or smoke spread through the building Reese & CTI Employment Application Appointment
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Home comfort and energy efficiency go hand in hand. Although each homeowner (and resident in a home) can have personal preferences on comfort and different temperature sensitivities, the general rule…
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Electrical Wire & Cable Reduce the risk of fire-related structural failure Remove A quick science lesson helps explain how heat transfer can sabotage a home’s energy efficiency, and what you can do to stop it. Heat moves in three ways: conduction, convection or radiation.
Business Blogs NEWSLETTER Owens Corning AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Pink Fiberglas™ works on the principle of trapped air pockets that resist the passage of heat flow. AttiCat creates a durable insulating barrier that will not settle over time or lose its insulating power. 
New England Performance Insulation, LLC – Milford, CT Master Degrees 800.872.3626 Coordinate a team of professional installers to get your project done quickly Millwork
Find an experienced company to help with your next project. Insulation Batts The AttiCat Advantage
10 Harvard University Chart-DECRAComponents.pdf (1 MB) Contact Our Pros Safety, Environmental Benefits Recessed “can” lights in the ceiling directly below the attic.
More compact than loose-fill insulation with same R-value Porch
The first is to drill a small hole in the wall of a closet or behind an object such as a wall hanging or dresser (and not in a wall stud). Then use a pencil or similar non-conductive object to feel and/or pick away a small piece of insulation to identify the insulation type. If you don’t know the depth of the studs (typically 4 or 6 inches), measure the wall cavity to determine the thickness of the insulation in inches.
17 Jun 2015 –5.0 star review from a homeowner in Lakeland FL Home Performance Coalition (ACI) Prime Now
You might also consider Laguna Beach Passivhaus 101 — Passive House Definition, Explanation, & Examples → Insulation R-Value — What Is It Exactly? Which Materials Are The Best Rated?
Commercial HVAC Maintenance Film Festivals Woot! Page information Home Construction & Design September 25, 2013 — 0 comments. All Applications Protecting your home with USA Insulation will lower your energy consumption and reduce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions.
Attic Insulation & Air Sealing Experts Crispy chicken doesn’t have to be fried Think beyond R-value. As you explore ways to tighten your home and prevent heat transfer of all kinds, improve the building envelope with more secure siding and better roofing that will prevent convection and radiation.
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Installed R-38 Fiberglass Blown-in Attic Insulation IMG_4246 (3).JPG (451 KB) Gilroy 11-23-2008, 08:43 PM   #3
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March 2, 2018 by Harrison Kral Your Home In a wintry 20 F below zero environment, the inside of an occupied house will certainly be the warm side. But during sunshiny summer months, the outside will be the warm side.
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• More expensive than conventional wood frame construction Address Line 1: Office Organization: What You Need To Know
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From the merchant: We perform a full 20 point check up make sure your system is ready for summer!
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No matter what kind of insulation you buy, check the information on the product label to make sure that the product is suitable for the intended application. To protect consumers, the Federal Trade Commission has very clear rules about the R-value label that must be placed on all residential insulation products, whether they are installed by professionals, or whether they are purchased at a local supply store. These labels include a clearly stated R-value and information about health, safety, and fire-hazard issues. Take time to read the label BEFORE installing the insulation. Insist that any contractor installing insulation provide the product labels from EACH package (which will also tell you how many packages were used). Many special products have been developed to give higher R-values with less thickness. On the other hand, some materials require a greater initial thickness to offset eventual settling or to ensure that you get the rated R-value under a range of temperature conditions.
Departments I like the current design (it took us two years to get to this point between the back and forth with my wife) and I want to have the house certified. I could pass on the certification and still have a very high performing house, but honestly I think it’s cool and want it.
Weather Stopper System Waranty.pdf (403 KB) Zone 6 R49 to R60 R13 to R15 R19 to R21 R25 to R30 R25 to R30
Professionals Need Racine A frequent argument against using Cellulose insulation is the myth that it is more prone to mold than other insulation materials. This is simply not true. Backed by rigorous testing, Cellulose insulation meets all of the standards established by the ASTM for fungi resistance.
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Ron Boyd Says: Essentially R-value is a measure of thermal resistance, or the ability to prevent the transfer of heat. The larger the number, the harder that insulation is working at preventing heat conduction. The less heat loss, the lower your energy bills.
Reviews (28) Drain Concrete, Brick & Stone Commercial Pros Our Staff Can you add too much attic insulation? Letters Insulation R-value is only valid in still air. If you have a breeze going through your attic from soffit or roof vents it will degrade the R-value of exposed fiberglass insulation. The best results are gained by decking over the insulation, using a sheet product over exposed fiberglass insulation, or sealing up the attic completely and using a foam product under the roof deck to make the attic an enclosed space.
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Helpful Guides ABOUT Copyright 2016 © WICA Cellulose loose-fill[55] 0.52–0.67 R-3–R-3.8 20–26 Owens Corning is committed to the principles of environmental sustainability, product stewardship and to the safety and wellbeing of our employees.
Contact us today for a free quote to install new or replacement gutters for your home. Track Order Looking for an economical, effective solution for adding insulation to your home? … [More] about Blown Fiberglass Insulation
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10 Harvard University Working Well With Colleagues of All Ages A few years back I added lots (6 to 9) inches to the 6 inches I had in the attic of my ranch in New England. Noticeable difference in comfort and less heat to warm the house. Worth doing.
InSpire Factory Mixes Color Percentages 3-14-12.xls (28 KB) Security Notice   |    Accessibility After one attic insulation company failed to make their estimate appointment on time and another missed it completely, I reached out to LABS. They were very professional, were at my house on time for the estimate and didn’t waste my time trying to upsell me on services I didn’t need or ask for. All I needed was insulation removal, attic cleaning and new insulation and they were quick about getting me pricing and setting up an appointment for the work.
Credit Card Marketplace Incident Reporting and Record Keeping Best-In-Class Reporting A year and a half down this path, I’m happy to say it’s working. Below is a review we received today, unedited. Results are showing up, customers are happy, and I have relationships with clients again.  This is much better. This review was written at the hospital while his wife was in labor with their second child (a boy) – that’s dedication!
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