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22January 2017

A few years back I added lots (6 to 9) inches to the 6 inches I had in the attic of my ranch in New England. Noticeable difference in comfort and less heat to warm the house. Worth doing.
Select Page Attic Insulation Tips It dries very slowly after absorbing water, which causes it to deteriorate and settle in the attic cavities.
By Marcy Giannunzio January 17, 2017 All Services
Protective Coatings Benefits/Uses: Let us help you increase your attic insulation efficiency
Contact us today to learn more about which insulation products will keep your home energy-efficient, lowering your bills and your environmental footprint. Injection and Spray Foam
Popular After Green Attic left yesterday, I am convinced that this is the best money we’ve spent on our house yet. Three years ago, we had our entire HVAC replaced — and until 2/2017, no one who had been in our attic had bothered to mention that there was no insulation up there. Green Attic came over to give an estimate and my mouth fell open when I saw the pictures. For 3 years, our expensive heated and cooled air has just been blowing around into the attic because the ducts weren’t connected in several places. There were all kinds of cracks and crevices left open from remodeling. Now all of that is sealed up, repaired and sitting cosily under a lovely blanket of insulation. I’m almost eager for August to come, just so we can run the AC and actually have it work for a change.
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Photo by AnnaBelle Breakey/Getty Images Chat With Us Seal air leaks & add insulation for an energy upgrade that pays for itself Spray foam roof systems on the roof deck create a strong adhesive bond which can prevent damage to the roof in strong winds.

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Minneapolis, MN Requirements: Unfortunately, the easiest way to add insulation to just about any place in your home is to install fiberglass batts.  Fiberglass batts are typically the worst insulation for any job, but they’re easy to pick up in the store and easy to roll out, so people use them. The image below shows an atrocious installation at a two-year-old home in an upscale neighborhood of an inner-ring suburb of the Twin Cities. Yep, this passed the city inspection.
Window Repair 2650 S West TempleSalt Lake City, UT 84115 Great service, great value! Insulation Contractors Supply
Logan Home Energy Services is your trusted expert for home and attic insulation in Triad. We offer customized attic insulation solutions to residents in Winston Salem, Greensboro, High Point and nearby. Call us or contact us online to schedule an appointment today!
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West Valley City, UT Dec 17, 2016 Insulating Basement Walls
Zone Attic 2×4 Walls 2×6 Walls Floors Crawlspaces 2×4 Walls 1.435.673.6667 Green Attic Insulation Claimed Houses built before 1980 might have insulation with asbestos. Call a professional for help.
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Add a Business Dermatology Reduces Energy Bills
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door installation Buy Now Oakley, UT Your answer I called this company to come over and give me an estimate to replace the attic insulation and to check the ducts at the same time. Moses sent Mario to my house and after Mario checked the work that needed to be done he called the office and was able to get me a great price that I took and scheduled a day for the work. The work that Mario did was very good and he was able to complete it the same day. I do recommend this company for all insulation projects.
7200 S 2700 WWest Jordan, UT 84084 Kaysville P: 971-231-5758 | F: 503-328-6901
Weber State University Make sure the vapor retarder on faced insulation is facing the conditioned, interior space unless building codes specify otherwise.
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Asbestos causes cancer and other diseases. There is no known safe level of asbestos exposure. Asbestos fibers must be airborne to cause a health risk through inhalation, so the first step is not to disturb the material, which would release more fibers into the air. If you remove or disturb the insulation, it is probable that you may inhale some asbestos fibers – the degree of health risk depends on how much and how often this occurred. If you do not go into your attic, handle, or disturb the insulation, it is likely that you will not be exposed to asbestos fibers from vermiculite insulation.
Find Builders and Incentives Since 1999 Accurate Insulation is proud to be a leading installer of spray foam insulation. Surplus Store
Just wanted to say what a great job the guys did.
Today’s Homeowner Radio Search Account Please call us at 1-866-646-0656 to work with you and the owner of your residence to secure a notarized approval so we can better assist you on this project.
Can be a Do-It-Yourself attic project for an experienced handy man. Manage Preferences Jen Keller  435-216-3130   Ductwork
They came in with a crew of 4 people, two covered the crawl space and two the attic. The entire process took about a day in which they did an excellent job preventing any of the mess from getting into the house. (My Roomate has terrible allergies) They showed me the spaces right after the cleaning, I was impressed by the job they did.  Highly recommend them for any insulation work that may be needed
Increased design flexibility Wall Ovens Pros Near Me Top Hiring Companies Plenty of support. Utah Spray Foam Contractors Near You
Verified Reviews Oil Boilers Some services we provide include: Staple the flanges of faced insulation to the interior faces of wall studs or the stud edges. When stapling, avoid stretching the facing too tightly and over-compressing the insulation or creating gaps or puckers.
i have vermiculite beneath my living room (garage ceiling) my living room is very cold. can i place r30 insulation over it? From Business: Insulation & Weatherizing Solutions.R-Factor in Salt Lake City is one of Utah’s top distributors of insulation products, equipment and accessories. We offer a div…
Can be a Do-It-Yourself attic project. Project Details Do clothes always shrink if you wash in warm water? 1750 30th St Ste 301
Model#  5001489 Company Painting & Finishing This company offers services like carpet installation, drywall repair, electrician, hvac repair, insulation …and more
Read More Articles L77 Loosefill Insulation IMAGE 8 OF 17 Requirements: AC Repair Jobsite Safety High-Efficiency Boiler If installing unfaced insulation in unfinished walls — such as in an interior wall — allow friction to hold the insulation in place.
Available 24/7 i have 12″ of insulation in the attic, problem where a contractor put in the stove vent the snow has been melting, i added some insulation but this problem is still there, i could not get to the suffit area to put insulation on top of the pipe and i i did i would be blocking off any venting from there, actually the area they put the outside vent at that location is blocked, can i stuff that 1 section with insulation? i never noticed this until i moved upstairs in the garage and been like this for a long time.
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